Train Union Votes for $100 Million Blow to Sydney Economy

The Sydney Business Chamber has expressed disappointment at the flawed voting process that has resulted in the Rail, Tram and Bus Union to take industrial action on Monday, shutting down the Sydney economy.

“This strike has the potential to cost Sydney’s economy more than $100 million but it will be businesses and workers that will pay the price,” said Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.

“The city’s service-based economy relies on customer-facing workers to be present and whilst working from home or from a remote office location is viable for some, it is not the reality for the majority of workers.

“It will be small business that will be hit the hardest as their options including capacity to offer flexible hours is more limited.

“An efficient and reliable transport system is fundamental to Sydney’s capacity to be a competitive global city and the strike will put Sydney’s reputation as a global and vibrant city at risk.

“The strike will cripple Sydney, NSW and Australia with more than one million customer journeys being affected by the decision to strike and the flow-on impact such as freight delivery on congested roads.

“January 29 is traditionally a day when the economy kicks into gear after the summer-holidays, which makes the Union’s choice of the day to strike particularly disruptive for workers and business.

“The decision to strike is reminiscent of unions of the 20th century and is a disappointing outcome following the talks held this week,” Mrs Forsythe said.

Kylie Adoranti

Public Affairs Manager

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Kylie handles media relations for the Sydney Business Chamber and the Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney. With a keen interest in politics and communications coupled with her background in journalism, Kylie aims to strengthen relationships with journalists and to expand the awareness of the Chamber's priorities and projects.