Time to finally get Sydney's Night Right

The Sydney Business Chamber says that as the city’s international reputation suffers from the smoke haze, this morning’s repealing of the lockout laws is an opportunity to begin restoring its global standing by signaling the start of a sophisticated and vibrant night life.
“If Sydney is to maintain its place as a global city, government, business and the community need to work collaboratively to create a safe and diversified night life that doesn’t just revolve around drinking,” said Katherine O’Regan, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.
“Today’s repealing of the lock out laws is a rallying call for the beginning of a new world-class nightlife, making Sydney an attractive and inclusive after dark destination with a range of entertainment activities and venues suitable for all ages.”
“Locals and tourists alike can be encouraged to enjoy the night with a range of cultural displays and events, live music and other performance options, late night casual and formal dining alternatives and retail offerings.”
“International news on the smoke haze has impacted the city’s reputation as a tourist destination so it’s vital we begin making Sydney an exciting after-dark destination to regain lost tourism - as well as revitalizing the many businesses that have suffered over the past 4 years.”
“Businesses open later can also capitalize on patronage from the estimated 200,000 people across Sydney who work the night shift including those in hospitality, retail, nursing, first responders, transport and distribution. These night workers will benefit from extended hours of dining and retail outlets.”
“Transport plays a vital role in the success of any city’s night time economy and the light rail will make it easier for people to get around at night and help disperse revelers more quickly, reducing chances of trouble on the streets. As demand grows, hours of operation for it and other forms of public transport, must be extended well past the current close.”
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David Peters

Public Affairs Manager, Sydney Business Chamber