Sydney’s 24-Hour Economy Takes a Leap Forward With Reforms

The Sydney Business Chamber says the city’s progress toward developing a vibrant night time economy has taken a big step forward with the passing of the Liquor Amendment (24-hour Economy) Bill by the NSW Upper House.

“The 24-hour economy law reforms pave the way for re-energising Sydney’s live music scene, making it easier and less expensive to open and operate a live music venue. They will also cut red tape by aligning liquor licensing and the planning processes, removing archaic live music restrictions,” said Katherine O’Regan, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.

“There is still more work to be done on removing and updating other night time entertainment and dining restrictions, but the passing of this Bill shows valuable support for kick-starting Sydney’s once vibrant night time scene.”

“It sends a clear message that Sydney is open again after dark, not just for younger audiences but for all, by also allowing small bars to offer family-friendly services where minors are welcome under certain circumstances.”

“The new carrot and stick approach to ensure public safety includes an incentives scheme with ongoing discounted fees for venues maintaining a clear record, along with severe penalties for those that do not.”

“It is also incumbent on all dining and entrainment venue operators and staff to strictly adhere to all NSW Health Covid-safe practices in order to maintain public confidence and safety.”

“Covid has brought about a shift to more flexible working hours for many and those who now start work later, can stay on in the city or town centre and enjoy a meal and some live music.”

“These changes to outdated laws around late-night music will greatly benefit the struggling arts and entertainment sector, boosting the CBD’s and surrounding economies. The next critical step is the delivery of the NSW 24-hour Economy Strategy that includes important changes like extending public transport hours and more flexible ride sharing pickup and drop-off zones.”


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David Peters

Public Affairs Manager, Sydney Business Chamber