Second Attempt at Short Term Holiday Letting a Good Start

The NSW Government’s second attempt at a new regulatory framework for short term holiday letting is a sensible step forward but allowing strata to ban the use of short term letting is a significant misstep.

“At last a decision on the regulatory framework on short term holiday letting has been made and we applaud the NSW Government in confirming the rights of people to utilise short term letting,” said Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber. 

“Short-term holiday letting has been embraced widely in our community and is a major and growing economic driver for NSW. 

“It is estimated that about half of the national economic activity generated from holiday letting of $31.3 billion happens in NSW.

“Short term letting provides positive economic activity in Sydney because demand for holiday accommodation regularly outstrips supply and it should be supported with a regulatory framework that allows it to grow,” Mrs Forsythe said. 

Under the new framework, councils outside of Sydney can allow short term holiday letting up to 365 days a year, yet in Greater Sydney, short term letting will be permitted for half that – even if their community supports it.

“Proposals to crack down on party houses and implement a two strikes policy on hosts and guests are appropriate and reflect earlier calls by the Chamber to address the negative impacts of holiday letting.

“The Code of Conduct puts the emphasis on hosts and guests being good neighbours.

“The Government’s proposal to empower strata to ban short term holiday letting for non-owner occupiers is concerning and is likely to have unintended consequences such as where an owner in good faith has accepted bookings for accommodation and is then undermined by what amounts to a retrospective change of the rules,” Mrs Forsythe said. 


Kylie Adoranti

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