Parramatta Deserves The Powerhouse

The Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney says the recommendations in the interim inquiry report on the relocation of the Powerhouse Museum has fallen short on addressing the lack of cultural and arts funding allocated to Western Sydney.  

David Borger, Director of the Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney, said, “It is really quite outrageous that the parliamentary committee into Museums and Galleries made no recommendations on this given the historically unequal distribution of cultural funds to Western Sydney.

“The report ignores completely the issue of inequity and funding. Instead of consulting the community, the committee has come up with a thought bubble about what is best for the region and has failed to include any recommendations to address the inadequate arts and cultural funding Western Sydney actually receives. 

“Western Sydney represents one in 10 Australians yet attracts only 1 per cent of Commonwealth arts program funding and just 5.5 per cent of the States Cultural Arts, Heritage and Events funding, according to the Chamber’s Building Western Sydney’s Cultural Arts Economy 2015 report. 

Compiled by Deloitte on behalf of the Chamber, Liverpool, Parramatta and Penrith councils, the report recommended spending $300 million on cultural infrastructure in Western Sydney over the next five years as well as recommending the Powerhouse’s relocation,” he said. 

“Western Sydney deserves an iconic building where the community can visit and be proud. 

“The new Powerhouse Museum will have the chance to exhibit the collection currently housed at the Ultimo site in a new and engaging way.

“In proposing the Powerhouse move, the Government made a good decision in recognising the needs of Western Sydney; the parliamentary committee on the other hand appears to be completely out of touch with this community.  

“The Chamber supports the recommendation that the NSW Government release the business case into the museum’s relocation, but it does so while being fully supportive of the Powerhouse’s relocation and is firmly behind the vision the Government has for Parramatta and Western Sydney,” Mr Borger said.  

Kylie Adoranti

Public Affairs Manager

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Kylie handles media relations for the Sydney Business Chamber and the Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney. With a keen interest in politics and communications coupled with her background in journalism, Kylie aims to strengthen relationships with journalists and to expand the awareness of the Chamber's priorities and projects.