North West Metro open for business

North West Metro will significantly alter the way people move around and will be a game changer for the thousands of residents across the region, says the Sydney Business Chamber.

“This is a transformative project for Sydney and we will see these communities connected like never before,” said Chris Lamont, Director of Policy, Advocacy and Influence at the NSW Business Chamber.

“The true mark of a progressive global city is a reliable and world-class public transport system and the North West Metro is a key component that will advance the quality of public transport in Sydney,” Mr Lamont said.

“This is the beginning of a revolutionary way to move large numbers of people around the city and conveniently link them to employment and educational hubs.

“A high frequency train schedule means commuters will be able to arrive at the station and be on their way to their destination within minutes, reducing waiting times and congestion.

“Rapid transport coupled with the use of technology such as mobile phone apps promise to provide commuters with unprecedented ‘real time’ information, further improving the convenience and appeal of public transport,” he said.

Mr Lamont said it was pleasing to see this important project finally open on May 26 and cater for the region’s increasing population growth.

“Sydney’s northwest will see an additional 200,000 people in the coming decades, making it twice the size of Canberra.”

“The 26-kilometre project, stretching from Tallawong Station to Chatswood, will be a well-utilised metro and good news for the communities along this line,” Mr Lamont said.

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