No ifs, no buts, Parramatta is ‘Where it’s AT’!

The Western Sydney Business Chamber has applauded the launch of the City of Parramatta’s new brand – ‘Where it’s AT’.
The City of Parramatta launched the campaign on Thursday night in front of a packed audience for the Eels V Bulldogs NRL match at Bankwest Stadium.
““No ifs, no buts, Parramatta is indeed Where it’s AT!,” said David Borger, Executive Director of the Western Sydney Business Chamber.
“The beauty of this new campaign, that positions Parramatta as a centre for investment, growth and visitation, is that it rings 100 per cent true.
“Anyone who has been to Parramatta over the past few years knows that this city is exploding with energy and has a new mojo as it takes its rightful place as Sydney’s central city.”
Mr Borger said that residents, workers and business owners in Parramatta should be excited by a campaign that encapsulates the spirit of Parramatta in the 21st century.
“Parramatta is one of Australia’s oldest cities, but it is young at heart and that is a theme that is emphasised in the new brand,” said Mr Borger.

“It’s fantastic to see so many of Parramatta’s leading organisations already signing up to be part of the campaign. Each and every one of them understands the great potential of Parramatta and how a coordinated and dynamic branding campaign can really sell the story of the city.”
Mr Borger said he would be encouraging all stakeholders in Parramatta to get on board with the campaign and incorporate it into their marketing and promotional activities.

Chris Taylor

Senior Manager, Advocacy, Western Sydney

Chris has worked for a number of Australia’s leading industry organisations and has vast experience in media, communications and external relations. With a strong interest in politics and policy, Chris aims to advocate for ideas that will grow economic opportunities in Western Sydney, in particular in the tourism, infrastructure and arts industries.