More public transport and jobs in Western Sydney the solution to rising commute times

The Western Sydney Business Chamber has called on the NSW Government to double down on its investment in new public transport and support more job creation in Western Sydney to help slash rising commuting times to work.
The latest Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey has revealed that average daily commuting in Sydney has increased by 17 per cent to 71 minutes in 2017 (up from 61 minutes in 2002).
David Borger, Executive Director of the Western Sydney Business Chamber said that major public transport projects such as Sydney Metro West and Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 needed to be fast-tracked by the NSW Government to improve commuters.
Mr Borger also highlighted the extension of the South West Metro to Liverpool and the North-South Rail Link through the new Western Sydney Airport to Macarthur and the future extension of the West Metro to the Airport as all key public transport projects for Western Sydney.
“If we want to see a meaningful cut in the amount of time families from Western Sydney are spending in an increasingly slower commute to work, the NSW Government needs to continue to turbocharge its investment in public transport,” Mr Borger said.
“Sydney Metro West and Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 are two critical projects that will greatly improve the travel time for the growing population of Greater Parramatta and Olympic Peninsula (G-POP) – the geographical heart of Sydney. Build these two projects and you will create the elusive ’30 minute’ city that is the dream of planning agencies like the Greater Sydney Commission.
“The list of public transport projects is growing but the government’s access to funds is shrinking. The NSW Government needs to reconsider the opportunities for further asset recycling including the remaining tranches of WestConnex and the ‘poles and wires’ to find the money to keep building.”
“The Federal Government needs to contribute to the cost of building public transport in Australia’s largest and most economically important city. Sydney Metro West as the next priority project needs federal funding.”
Mr Borger said bringing jobs closer to the growing outer suburbs in centres such as Liverpool, Penrith, Blacktown, Bankstown and Campbelltown would make a lasting difference of the work/life balance of the families of Western Sydney.
“Parramatta’s booming commercial office market has been a beacon of what is possible with the right investment decisions from government – moving public sector jobs and investing in new public transport has sent a strong signal to the private sector that Parramatta is open for business. We need to try to replicate this in other Western Sydney centres,” Mr Borger said.

Chris Taylor

Senior Manager, Advocacy, Western Sydney

Chris has worked for a number of Australia’s leading industry organisations and has vast experience in media, communications and external relations. With a strong interest in politics and policy, Chris aims to advocate for ideas that will grow economic opportunities in Western Sydney, in particular in the tourism, infrastructure and arts industries.