Locking in Transport Corridors to Save Millions in Future

The Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney says it is important to reserve road and transport corridors when planning for the region’s future.
David Borger, Director of the Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney, said, “The Chamber is pleased to see draft corridors for major future road and rail infrastructure corridors being outlined for the Western Parkland City.
“Even though investments into the construction of these road and transport corridors are not being made immediately, it is essential to plan for the future growth of the region.
“Successful cities have good public transport and road connections and these marked corridors will ensure smart planning can be done in the future.   
“Reserving land for these vital transport corridors closely aligns with the Draft Future Transport 2056 Strategy and the Greater Sydney Commission’s plan for Western Sydney,” he said.
“With the early construction works of the Western Sydney Airport starting last month, it makes sense to reserve these corridors for transport connections, which will substantially reduce the future cost of delivery.
“We saw what happened with the construction of Sydney Metro North West, costly long distance tunnelling was required because no land was reserved for building a less expensive above ground rail line.
“Long term planning for the future of the city’s infrastructure needs, means more money will be available to actually build the infrastructure when it is needed.  
“Businesses located near the Western Sydney Airport will need access to quick and efficient freight routes and reserving these corridors will provide confidence to the private sector.
“We need to make sure to connect the outer Western Sydney suburbs to the rest of Sydney and a corridor between the new airport and Parramatta needs to be investigated.
“A failure to act now to reserve these corridors creates a real risk that they will be ‘built out’ and will impact on getting the best return on investment from the airport’s establishment,” Mr Borger said.

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