It's High Time – Big Ideas for High Streets

Sydney Business Chamber believes that the road out of Covid-19 runs through our high streets. We recognise that the past months have caused great disruption and distress across our traditional town centres, and that their recovery is vital to our State’s prosperity beyond the pandemic.

To that end, Sydney Business Chamber partnered with Hatch Roberts Day to propose a place-based approach to the revitalisation of Oxford Street, Sydney. By focusing on the street’s enduring built form and identity, we have come up with a series of big moves that would reinvigorate the street as a destination, securing the precinct’s creative and cultural future.
Read the report here:

Although focused on Oxford Street, many of the challenges and opportunities outlined can be easily applied to high streets across the world. By prioritising pedestrians, inviting difficult conversations about traffic, and offering new ideas that will activate footpaths, we hope that we can make a meaningful contribution to the thinking and discussions that will reshape our local communities. 

These ideas in the Report empower local communities and businesses to invest in the future of high streets, so we can secure their role as places of commerce, recreation, pride, and identity for many years to come.