Infrastructure Australia on the Right Track

The Sydney Business Chamber says it is crucial corridor reservation is made a priority for long-term important infrastructure projects such as the high-speed rail between Sydney and Melbourne. 

“Today’s Infrastructure Australia report has clearly identified the importance of a future rail link between two of Australia’s major cities but we need to ensure the corridor in between is protected,” said Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.

“While the NSW Government has been proactive in protecting some corridors, a high-speed rail link always seems to be in the too-hard basket and is dismissed by many as purely a pipedream.

“Urban sprawl is a challenge all governments face but if we get the foundations right now, we will be able to enjoy the large-scale benefits of what a high-speed rail link can deliver to our cities.

“Providing high-speed connections to Sydney could help manage the city’s growth and demand for housing by making more areas accessible to Sydney’s jobs, universities and lifestyle offerings,” she said.

“High-speed rail will require considerable public investment and governments have a responsibility now to make sure costs are minimised for future large-scale infrastructure projects, which is why protecting our corridors needs to be part of our long-term planning. 

“Failure to protect corridors will make investment in future transport projects harder and ultimately may be the deciding factor in whether a much-needed transport project goes ahead. 

“Even without a detailed business case for high-speed rail there is no doubt the future of transport for Sydney will include fast rail connections between key regional centres such as Canberra and other key east coast population centres but construction of these networks will be harder without early-stage planning through corridor protection,” Mrs Forsythe said.

Kylie Adoranti

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