City of Sydney: Draft Central Sydney Planning Framework and Contributions Plan

Sydney’s CBD is one of the most complex urban environments in Australia. Typically, every day, hundreds of thousands of workers jostle alongside tens of thousands of tourists and residents as they go about their daily lives. In an area just a few square kilometres wide, a million transactions and interactions are taking place every hour of every day. Planning and managing this complexity, and ensuring it operates as seamlessly as possible, requires a careful balance between regulation and control on the one hand and flexibility on the other.


Please download and read the Sydney Business Chamber's Submission to the Draft Central Sydney Planning Framework and Contributions Plan.


The Sydney Business Chamber prepares submissions to government and other decision-makers on behalf of our members. These submissions cover a broad range of topics across planning and cities, transport and infrastructure, tourism, health, finance, arts and culture and governance arrangements.
Submissions can be downloaded on our Submissions page.