Action on lock outs long overdue

The Sydney Business Chamber says it is timely the NSW Government reviews Sydney’s night time economy and its lock out laws.

“While the lock out laws have been successful in curbing alcohol-related violence, it’s clear that they’ve had a negative impact on the vibrancy of our city, said Chris Lamont, Director of Policy and Advocacy at the NSW Business Chamber.

“Sydney’s night life is a significant economic contributor and plays a critical role in shaping our city as Australia’s most significant tourist destination,” Mr Lamont said.

“Night time trade promotes employment and investment and encourages the public to participate in culture and the arts beyond standard work hours and in the City of Sydney alone, the night time economy generates more than $3.64 billion in revenue each year, with more than 4600 businesses employing more than 32,000 people. 

“It is important this review recognise this and look beyond bars and clubs to support a new regulatory framework for the night time economy that supports a mix of retail, creative and cultural uses,” he said.

“The City of Sydney’s plan to implement 24-hour trading in the city centre provides a useful blueprint for the review to consider how after dark trade should be approached. 

“We believe a safe and vibrant city shouldn’t be an either or proposition.

“It is vital that we strike a balance between boosting the night time economy and ensuring people are safe after dark,” Mr Lamont said. 

Kylie Adoranti

Public Affairs Manager

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Kylie handles media relations for the Sydney Business Chamber and the Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney. With a keen interest in politics and communications coupled with her background in journalism, Kylie aims to strengthen relationships with journalists and to expand the awareness of the Chamber's priorities and projects.