A Win for Inner West Bus Commuters 

The Sydney Business Chamber says the franchising of Inner West buses is a victory for better public transport with the new private operator to drive greater efficiency and improved customer experience. 

“This is the smart future of public transport and commuters will be the winners,” said Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.

“Having a new bus operator who will deliver high frequency and turn up and go services will mean greater reliability and less waiting around for commuters. 

“The scare campaign that has been run by the opponents of this process will be exposed as an empty shell when commuters not only continue to get the same services today but more reliable and improved customer experience tomorrow. 

“Commuters can look forward to the day when they no longer need to consult timetables for when the next service will arrive.

“Better services at less cost to the taxpayer is a great outcome for both commuters and the Government. It means the Government can reinvest the savings into better public transport.

“Innovation of this type should be encouraged to reduce the number of cars on the road and traffic congestion. These services could be further enhanced by the provision of free Wi-Fi throughout the city, enabling real-time access to these on-demand services to tourists and commuters alike.

“An effective public transport system will ensure Sydney remains a vibrant and bustling global city,” Mrs Forsythe said.

 “On-demand transport services should not be limited to only passengers; the next step has to be greater use of innovation in last mile freight delivery as well. 

“In particular, optimising delivery services to better coordinate small-scale delivery providers to reduce the number of vehicles on the road but also to optimise deliveries for customers in real time by clustering the demand and through dynamic route selection,” Mrs Forsythe said. 

Kylie Adoranti

Public Affairs Manager

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Kylie handles media relations for the Sydney Business Chamber and the Sydney Business Chamber, Western Sydney. With a keen interest in politics and communications coupled with her background in journalism, Kylie aims to strengthen relationships with journalists and to expand the awareness of the Chamber's priorities and projects.