24 Hour Economy Strategy to Boost Business and a Diversity of Jobs

The Sydney Business Chamber says the NSW Government’s 24 hour Economy Strategy is the impetus.needed to drive growth and create jobs across a broad range of sectors - not just in hospitality.
“This well considered and wide-ranging Strategy will lead to much needed growth in the city’s economy and jobs across the arts and entertainment, logistics and transport, retail, tourism and professional services sectors,” said Katherine O’Regan, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.
“The Strategy defines the way forward to enhance planning and productivity to activate local streets and parks and support businesses right across Sydney. It outlines the policies and actions needed by State and local government, together with business, to shift activity and attitudes of the night, to a time and place for economic and cultural output.”
“Covid-19 has brought about a real and lasting change in work patterns with flexible hours meaning people are more able to enjoy hours of work when businesses and services are usually closed. Now is the time to capitalise on changing work - life hours and plan ahead for a longer and stronger 24 hour economy.”
“It set outs a clear pathway to creating a 24 hour economy, vital for Sydney to cement its title as our only truly global city, allowing business to thrive in the long neglected after dark hours.”
“It outlines the actions needed to distribute and diversify the night time economy, creating opportunities for people to safely participate in both work and social activities through all hours of the day and night, all across Sydney.”
“Sydney Business Chamber is pleased to have contributed to the formation of the 24 hour Economy Strategy through the Industry Advisory Group and advocacy via our report: ‘NIGHT SHIFT – Moving Sydney to a 24-hour City’

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David Peters

Public Affairs Manager, Sydney Business Chamber