Representing leading corporations across Greater Sydney and advocating for public policies that enhance Sydney as a competitive, collaborative and liveable global city.

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Sydney Business Chamber

Representing leading corporations across Greater Sydney, the Sydney Business Chamber’s mission is to ensure a competitive and liveable global city through collaboration with government or by advocacy to government. With offices in the CBD and Parramatta, it provides a voice for the business community and advocates on a wide range of issues.


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Central: More than just a Railway Station  

The Sydney Business Chamber says news of new dining and market facilities at Central Station...

Western Sydney Aerotropolis Lands New University 

A new higher education institution comprising four of the state’s leading universities and...

Martin Place Metro Station the Right Train of Thought

The new Martin Place Station will be an integration of commercial, retail and public transport...

Sydney’s Limited Berthing Options Not So Cruisy

With the peak cruise season kicking off in Australia this Saturday, the Sydney Business Chamber...
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